Corona Drawings, 2020

The lethal COVID-19 virus struck the entire globe in the spring of 2020. Many countries called for their citizens to stay at home and some governments even imposed home isolation.
From the middle of March onward, schools, businesses and all cultural institutes were shut down in the Netherlands. Public life was brought to a standstill and access to public space was reduced to a minimum.
This unfamiliar situation caused my daily routine of going to my studio to be disrupted. I carried on working at home, but now, instead of making sculptures, I started to draw.
I made the first Corona Drawing on the 20th of March and continued to do so on a daily basis. Not long after, I started sharing these drawings on social media.
By inviting the public to follow the development of the series over the internet, my usual individual process changed to a method that was open to the public.
From the shared experience of social isolation, people responded by posting their reactions, interpretations and questions. This social involvement led to a personal interaction between me and the public and resulted in the Corona Drawings.
The series of pencil drawings on A4-sized paper consists of 64 images made over 72 days of home isolation. The last drawing dates from the 31st of May. Museums opened the following day.

Corona Drawings 64,00 euro hardcover publication.

Corona Drawings Original 250,00 euro hardcover publication and original drawing.

Titel: Corona Drawings
Vormgeving: Pepijn Zwart
Redacteur: Schellekens, Marike
Aantal pagina’s: 176
Taal: Nederlands – Engels
Verschijningsvorm: Hardback
Verschijningsdatum: 16-10-2020

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