Bigi Batoto, 2024

Marcel Pinas en Iris Bouwmeester at the opening of Bigi Batoto, Moengo 2024.


During a residency at Tembe Art Studio in Moengo, Suriname I made a series of small cardboard objects. The spherical towers of mosques and temples on the way from Paramaribo to Moengo were the first reason for the series. During the process, the forms evolved from architectural to organic, they became carriers of the impressions I gained in Moengo and the surrounding area. Fruits and vegetables from the forest, the drawings on the wings of a butterfly, the power of the sun and the flow of the river can be seen in the various objects. Two objects from the series are cast in large format in concrete. These sculptures are a permanent part of the sculpture park surrounding Tembe Art Studio. The objects owe their name Bigi Batoto to their structure; just like the Surinamese fruit Batoto, the works are composed of five parts with a round core in the middle.

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